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Hosting and domain Services:
for security reasons, we no longer accept orders domain and hosting from our members.
Users are required to own hosting and domain name services.
ptcmakers.com does NOT offer hosting services.
After purchasing our products, please provide us with the details of authentication to your hosting for product installation.
All products will be installed free of charge within 1-48 hours of purchase.
We recommend that you have a paid hosting with unlimited traffic. Ex: www.hostgator.com 

for the domain you can register the affordable price we recommend below:
* godaddy.com
* namecheap.com
* namesilo.com

for the hosting provider, you need to ask your hosting provider if they meet
1.PHP Version 5.3.x or later
2.MySQL Version 4.1.x or later
3.Curl Support (with SSL)
4.GD Image Library
5.Ioncube Loader 4.4 or later

Thank you for choosing us!